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Health Insurance
Enrollment for group health coverage is open to all full-time employees and their eligible dependents. If you enroll within 30 days of full-time employment, your coverage is effective the first day of the calendar month following the first 30 days of employment and will be pre-tax. Both the company and employee contribute to the cost of health insurance.

Life Insurance
Employees who have the company's health insurance are eligible for these benefits:
 Prior to age 65 = $15,000
 At age 65 = $6,500
 At age 70 = $5,000

After six months of employment, full-time employees will earn five days of vacation. On the anniversary of each employment year, employees earn ten days of vacation.

Sick Leave
Full-time employees are eligible up to 6 sick days a year.

Full-time employees are eligible for eight company recognized holidays.

401(k) Plan
Employees age 21 and over with one year of service may enroll in the WEHCO 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan. For every dollar the employee contributes, the company will match 50 cents, up to $1,500 annually (company contribution equals $750). Company contributions to the employee account are fully vested after three years.

Profit Sharing
Employees who meet the plan's eligibility requirements may enroll in WEHCO Profit Sharing Plan. The Plan was established to recognize the employee's importance to the company's success by helping to build a portion of the funds that will be needed during retirement years. Participants benefit from contributions to the plan made by the company, from the earnings of the plan's trust assets, and from amounts forfeited by other employees who leave the company before they are entitled to collect. A detailed Summary Plan Description is provided to employees at the time they are eligible to enroll in the plan.

Employee Cable & Internet Service
Cable and High-Speed Internet services are available to employees who live within the service area at a reduced price.